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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Apple Watch Series 3 will not be able to call, although they would have an eSIM

It is clear that Apple's largest and most essential pillar of revenue over the last few years has been the iPhone, which remains the king in this category to this day, but we also have to keep in mind that the terminal so famous Of the apple is not the only reason they are the company so valuable they are to this day . It is very likely that soon the California firm will become the first US brand to have a value of one trillion dollars , but not one billion as we read in news of that country, but a million million as we are accustomed here to say in Spain.

Soon the new Apple Watch will arrive

Emoji Apple Watch
Among the major players in the profits of the company we find, apart from the iPhone, the MacBook which has raised a large percentage of sales thanks to Apple's recent efforts to increase this number, or we can also say that Apple Watch has had Enough success to have this title . The apple clock is increasingly gaining popularity and reason is not lacking, a clear example of this are the Nike shoes compatible with it.
Within a relatively short time Apple will bring new products to market, among them and probably the most anticipated is the iPhone 8 which at the same time will be the most expensive smartphone in history exceeding the $ 1,000 price of exit or more, but we can not leave That this terminal eclipse the clock of the company that will leave this year: Apple Watch Series 3 . The third edition of this product presents great novelties that will leave you with both good and bad taste.
Google maps applewatch
The next Apple Watch will surely have, although nothing official, an eSIM , a technology that is not very new and still does not have full control over it, but it is something similar to a SIM card always, although we will not be able to call with it To other devices and at the moment will not be compatible with Android , this is due to the lack of interest and future that Apple sees in developing this for the rival operating system.

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