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Friday, August 11, 2017

The best games of spaceships for iPhone and iPad

Space, galaxies, their planets and the Universe that shapes them allows us to blow our imagination and enjoy an experience that we could never live in real life. Yes, let's face it, none of us will be able to fly a spacecraft (at least in the next 100 years) and annihilate extraterrestrial armies ...
But thanks to the App Store and its games, we can live that experience through the iPhone and iPad. Fasten your galactic hyper-belt, because today we recommend a selection with the best games of iOS spaceships .
The most interesting thing about this compilation is that the games are divided into a lot of categories: action, arcade, shooting, adventures, races ... So it's a very complete game list!

Ships games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Gravity: Do not Let Go

Gravity: Do not Let Go is a game based on the award-winning movie Gravity. It offers a unique experience inviting players to survive in the vast void of space. A very fun and exciting way to relive the most shocking scenes of the movie.

Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore

The third installment of the Galaxy On Fire saga continues to focus on combat between spaceships in space. The game physics are very dynamic and the controls very intuitive. Without a doubt, a game to take very into account if you like the genre.

Cosmic Challenge

The cosmic challenge of this game will take you into an action-packed universe, spacecraft races and impressive graphics.

Space Cadet Defender HD Invaders

Space Cadet Defender HD Invaders is a retro game in which you'll have to eliminate all alien ships as they approach the bottom of the screen.

Asteroids: Gunner

Finally, we recommend another retro game in which you have to annihilate and dodge all the asteroids that are directed towards your spaceship. A whole classic!

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