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Saturday, August 26, 2017

The best iOS apps you will not find on Android

While Android has a tremendous customization section , Apple's iOS operating system has a well-deserved reputation for impeccable minimalist design .
The bite apple company, on the other hand, also has a reputation for exclusivity . An exclusivity that has infected the App Store of iOS. And is that many iOS applications are not available on Android .
On many occasions the fact that the applications do not reach Android is due to the companies that develop apps reach an agreement with Apple to remain exclusively in the App Store. But on other occasions it is simply because developing Android apps is more expensive and takes longer.
In the following list we will tell you the most important iOS apps that are not yet available on Android.


It is very curious this case, and is that Tweetbot is one of the best customers of Twitter. It has very advanced functions, statistics, filters, offline reading ...

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo boasts one of the best professional photo editing applications on the App Store. Among its most outstanding features we find support with 360º images, histograms, cloning tools, customizable filters and much more.

Monument Valley 2

It's the fashion game. Monument Valley 2 is a title that plays with optical illusions and visual perspective to offer a creative gameplay and an amazing experience. And no, it's not on Android. Unfortunately. Because a game like this should be enjoyed by everyone.

Camera +

Of course there is an app called Camera + in the Google Play Store Android, but it is not the same, nor is it so complete. Camera + is a photo editing app popular with iOS users due to its intuitiveness and the results of its excellent functions.


Apple has never wanted to share their apps in the Google Play Store, while Google has wanted to do so in the App Store. And one of the best apps Apple has developed is iMovie, a fabulous app for editing videos.


Another application of Apple that is not found in Android is iMessage, the popular instant messaging application has all sorts of effects, stickers and functions . In fact, it even has its own App Store.

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