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Sunday, August 6, 2017

The best selfie sticks for our iPhone

Not all iPhone selfie canes are the same. That's why we've done our homework and figured out which ones are really the best. Here you have the best selfie stick options for your iPhone!
Love them or hate them, the selfie stick has definitely left its mark on our fully multimedia universe in which we portray everything from everything .
Whether they are your favorite tool during your vacation or part of your photography arsenal, taking photos with a selfie stick can have its creative advantages, and it seems like each of them has their own special features today .
Here are some of the best so you can make the best photos!

IPadizate selection

Arespark Palo Selfie Bluetooth
For 15 euros you have an extensible aluminum stick that reaches up to 50 inches, about 75 centimeters. It has a Bluetooth remote trigger and a hook to carry it subject .
Mpow iSnap
This portable folding stick only occupies 18 centimeters and extended more than 80. You can carry it in your pocket easily to travel. Simply plug in your phone's Bluetooth and press the single physical button on the stick and connect automatically .
This selfie stick comes with a built-in battery that is charged via the USB cable, easily extended by rotating the extensions it presents reaching a length of 90 centimeters. Its built-in battery of 200 mAh gives a range of up to 72 hours, so you have hours of fun assured .
This complete stick features an extra extra, a tripod with which you can take long lasting photos without moving. And to top it off, it also includes a wide-angle lens .
This has been our selection of selfie sticks for iPhone, we wish you liked it and you have it clearer if you are thinking of buying one . Remember to follow us on social networks. See you soon!

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