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Thursday, August 17, 2017

The design of the iPhone 7s will be thicker due to the use of glass

Something really true, and more recently, is that the rumors and diffusions concerning secret reports of the company of Cupertino do not stop to feed the curiosity and the expectations of the products of the company , a clear example of this can be all the filtered information Of the next terminal of the apple, the iPhone 8, which will be the most expensive smartphone in history with a price that will exceed $ 1,000, but do not worry because with all the technology so advanced that this mobile phone brings may even seem affordable.

More news about the iPhone 7s

IPhone 7s rumors Dual Sim
We all know that each iPhone individually has 6 variants, ie 3 terminals are differentiated by the memory capacity they have and the rest are characterized by the model either the original, Plus or Plus S. Until now of the iPhone 7 we have only You can see the original and the Plus, but we know that soon we will see the iPhone 7s and we have a rather curious information about this new smartphone: the dimensions of it will increase, in a minimal way, since its thickness will change from being 7.1 Millimeters to 7.2 . This rumor has been confirmed by reliable sources close to Apple's supplier and manufacturers, Foxconn.
We can remember those days when the iPhone 4 was the last terminal of the apple that was surrounded by glass, but it seems that there are indications that Apple will do this again with the iPhone 7s . We already know that the iPhone 7 has been the best-selling smartphone we've had in 2017 , surpassing many high-end models from Samsung and other parts of the competition, so will the 7s be up to it?
IPhone 4 with iOS 7
Everything indicates that this data will come true very soon, but we also have to say that this is the result of speculation and leaks, so nothing is official at the moment , although the last time this source revealed something similar ended up being true . Apple is missing a push and we hope that the iPhone 8 exit in September is what our favorite apple needs to spruce up as the margin of advantage that takes away its rivals is closing more and more.

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