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Friday, August 11, 2017

The Gmail app on iOS will now alert you if an email is suspicious

We live in a time when we can not rely on almost anything or anyone, without exception, before most of the deceptions were committed in the street, shops and other types of places where you will use the money, but as they move The times, also goes forward a thing that is evolving to a rate of vertigo: technology. Now rare is not to enter a website and see some ad or similar things that catch our attention telling us a perfect story or from time to time we get an email to our mail telling us something that seems more credible, although we usually eliminate and ignore This kind of thing there are quite a lot of people who fall, especially the elderly and children .

Google and Apple join

Apple Vs.  Google
When we think of the big brands or names within the electronics industry we think of two more that are more important than the rest , that is, we are referring to Google and Apple. Both firms have contributed in unimaginable amounts to the evolution of technology and even sometimes to mankind, the latter may still be in progress on the part of the block as the emergency services are asking the company of Cupertino to implement a system Of tracking by making use of the location to be able to diminish the number of deaths of people who are lost in hostile landscapes. ** You may also be interested **: We teach you how to program emails in Gmail
Now it seems that these two big companies have agreed to protect their biggest and most important pillar of revenue and benefits: the customer . What do these two companies have in common? Well many things the truth, but among all that we share we have to emphasize the Google mail, that is, Gmail. As we told you at the beginning, today through email can get almost daily advertising and misleading messages, so the idea they have been to notify us when the source of one of these is not reliable so that it Keep in mind
Official Gmail app on iPad
It has been the case of emails in which the source or source if it was reliable and something has happened and the opposite, but we must have today the present security as we are exposed to a whole world of people who are browsing by Internet.

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