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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The iPhone 8 would include the Touch ID on the back of the handset

A few weeks after the official presentation of the next renewal of the flagship of the California firm, rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 do not cease . And we have been talking about this for many months, and like most of the fans of the firm we are looking forward to the day of its launch .
There are still some unknowns to uncover. One of them is the fingerprint location of the phone. We have seen multiple rumors that their location would be integrated into the screen, although many others like today dictate just the opposite.

The Touch ID of the iPhone 8 is still a mystery

As you can see in the video, the Touch ID sensor would be located at the rear of the terminal. Despite this, it is not yet known what the fate of this sensor will ultimately be. What do we expect from the iPhone 8?
There are hardly any details left to unveil the next flagship of the Californians. The technology that would include this terminal is more than clear: OLED screen, facial recognition, double vertical camera with support of augmented reality ... Unlike its specific design, in which there are still several unknowns to solve.
This time, through the visualization of the video we can observe how the workers are performing different tests of "testing" to different terminals iPhone. So maybe we are facing a reality.
IPhone 8 camera
From my point of view, the location of the sensor in the back is all a mistake on the part of the American company . First, it breaks with the aesthetics of the terminal, so many companies have decided to relocate this sensor in the front of the device.
Finally we will have to wait for the official presentation of the company to know more thoroughly all the details of the next renewal of the Californian firm.

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