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Sunday, August 27, 2017

The key to the success of the iPhone 8

To this day, we know the great majority of technical aspects that would incorporate the engineers of the Californian firm in the next renewal of the flagship of the American company, the iPhone 8.
Many are the novelties that are going to be incorporated in this terminal, whose presentation would take place during the next month of September . Without a doubt, this new model that would commemorate the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone would aim to be one of the best-selling handsets and to capture the eyes of all the fans of the brand.
Technologies such as possible wireless charging, OLED display or facial recognition would be key to the innovative look of the device. To all this, the body's own design would be the strong point of the device. This time, the focus is on reducing the edges of the frames themselves, which is the way forward in the design of future smartphones.

The fingerprint sensor could affect the aesthetics of the iPhone

However, the fingerprint sensor could be decisive in the success of the iPhone 8 itself . To date, there is still no clear opinion on this. While some media point to that the sensor would be integrated in the own screen of the iPhone, others determine that this would be in the back part of the device.
From my point of view there are two places that would determine the success of this new renovation of the ship. Undoubtedly, the integration on the screen itself would be the best option , as it would be a great advance for the sector. However, the location of the sensor in the back could break with the characteristic and careful aesthetics of the iPhone.
mockup iphone 8 back

That is why in my opinion, the only viable option in the back is to place the sensor in the very logo of the block . Otherwise, we would face an aesthetic unattractive and very common in other companies in the sector, so it would not be appealing to the consumer. And less for an iPhone.

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