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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The latest filtered photos of the iPhone 8 confirm our worst aesthetic nightmare

Over the past few months Apple has had to make some very curious decisions about the design of the 10th anniversary iPhone (iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition ...).
First, the Cupertino company had to figure out how to implement wireless charging technology . And he did it by adopting new materials such as glass for the manufacture of the back cover of the smartphone.
Second, Apple has had to contrive to incorporate a fingerprint sensor in the right place because they had trouble including it in the OLED screen .
Thirdly, design and hardware engineers had to agree on placing the dual camera in an upright position due to the introduction of new components and their subsequent lack of space.

The strangest design of the iPhone 8 you've ever seen

But this does not end here. The bite apple company has had to make many more decisions regarding the design of the terminal: size, colors, frames, buttons and a long etcetera.
Among all those complicated decisions that can seriously affect the sales of the terminal, we have found another very surprising ...
It turns out that new filtered images of the iPhone 8 have confirmed one of our worst nightmares in relation to its design: white bezels .
Of course, there will be people that the design does like. But if you have designed a smartphone with an OLED screen that covers the entire front of the device, ideally incorporate black frames to merge with the screen . True?
The images show us an abomination with white bezels that seem to increase in size due to their color , and an upper frame for the 3D sensors of the front camera does the same.
The rear is still horrible, the white color makes the dual camera upright even more ugly.
Sincerely hope that this leak is showing us just a prototype, and that Apple finally will not decide to market a white iPhone 8 . Or, at least, that their frames remain black ...

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