Friday, August 4, 2017

The latest models make forget the smaller variants of the iPhone

This week we have known from the hands of the people of Cupertino, the data about the number of sales of their iPhone in the last quarter , a figure that strictly Apple provides us and that serves to compare the amount of sales of iPhone Occurring in each quarter.
The 41 million iPhone sold in the last quarter show the great reception that are taking Apple terminals worldwide . In this case several media have ensured that users each prefer certain iPhone models before others.
Sales iphone Q3 2017
Specifically and according to the latest data, users are betting more and more on the latest terminals of the people of Cupertino , leaving aside some models as the variants of the iPhone 5.
This news should not surprise us when in general users are increasingly looking for more powerful and large terminals, and of course models that continue to receive constant software updates . This is exemplified by the graph that shows that the variants of the iPhone 5 are no longer almost public in the market.
IPhone SE compatible with arkit
Special mention should have the iPhone SE, which is the only small model still has a small market share . In this way what we see is that the market increasingly relies on large terminals and pointers, and more since Apple bet on growing its terminals from the iPhone 6 and its next generations.
Now we only have to see how the sales of the iPhone terminals vary every quarter, and see if the market and the users see with good eyes an upcoming iPhone 8 that already for a long time assure that it will have a bigger size to all the existing models Today's Californians.
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