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Saturday, August 12, 2017

The most absurd applications of the App Store, part two

A couple of weeks ago we talked about absurd applications. Perhaps they are the great forgotten, since we love to be able to presume before the friends of those applications that we have, to be able to compare them or to recommend some that we think that it is indispensable .
Now, the App Store also has its dark side with a handful of totally useless geeks and they do not serve much. We must not ignore them, and for that reason we have made another compilation that we bring here.

The face of your future baby

You make a selfie of your face and that of your partner and you already have the portrait of how the creature will be . Put to tell, with parents who create this better than the creature does not come out.

Police siren with lights and alarm

So, fix the screen of your iPhone in red and blue strobes, while emitting a police siren. It is very well achieved, but what is its usefulness?


The idea is original and curious. Imagine that you are watching a film in the cinema and your bladder is about to explode. This application tells you, according to the movie you are watching, what is the ideal moment to leave the bathroom, since it indicates to us so it is the loose part of the film. A timer will alert you when is the ideal time to visit Mr. Roca . Likewise, you summarize to your return what you have lost.

Love, kiss / Peck and meeting: Kiss & love Test

The palm is this stupid. Kissing the screen of your device, this will tell you the type of lover you are, whether you kiss in a romantic way or not. Apart from idiocy, it's a bum.

Night Vision Army Technology

Convert "military technology" to your device into a night vision device. The pardillos who pay for it the almost 2 euros that costs, will get an application that is not worth anything and does what it says .

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