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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The new Apple Watch would come in two versions: with and without LTE

Recently, the startup Fitbit gave of what to talk with the incorporation of new functions in what will be its own smartwatch. Now the turn is for the Apple Watch which, rumor has it, can reach the end of the year in two versions: a version with 4G / LTE connectivity and another version without LTE.
According to the Bloomberg portal Apple's smart watch seeks independence from the iPhone. The model would have an integrated Apple SIM that would allow us to use it without having to constantly link it with the iPhone. So far, the clock must be within the reach of an iPhone to perform most tasks, such as receiving notifications or making calls.
Apple Watch microled display

Intel could be the star ally

The information is not yet confirmed, but we speak of Intel as the provider of the LTE modem for the new AppleWatch. This would allow you the ability to connect to various 4G / LTE cellular networks to reduce that reliance on the iPhone you currently have. For example, you could play music in streaming, use the clock to navigate from site to site or send messages without having to carry the mobile over.
However, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, explained that Apple's new watch will not support 3G connectivity meaning it might not work in other markets.
Apple Watch Straps Gay Pride

A thinner watch?

Kuo, who has reliably predicted Apple's trends in the past, also said the new version of Apple will come in its two usual sizes: 38mm and 42mm. Regarding the design, it has not been said if there will be big changes or if and to a large extent it will be similar to previous versions of the brand.
For his part, John Gruber, wrote in Daring Fireball have heard that there will be a 'new form factor' this year. Although, it is not clear if a redesign will occur, it is rumored that a thinner watch is under construction, which could be a big change for the product.

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