Saturday, August 12, 2017

The new golden color of the iPhone 8 is called "Blush Gold" internally in Foxconn

A few days ago we saw models of the iPhone 8 in which a new color was appreciated, which fell halfway between brown and gold. It was a little surprise because it seems that the two golden colors that Apple has been marketing for years, gold and pink gold, have worked quite well. We do not see an apparent reason to stop using them. Today, Benjamin Geskin has published a tweet with a design concept in which we can better appreciate that color.
In addition to the color, it tells us that internally in Foxconn, the main (although not the only) company that joins the iPhone for Apple, has an internal name for it; Blush Gold , something like golden blush or golden flush , although very surely in Spanish Apple will not use this denomination . In Chinese, it is written 腮红 金, which sounds something like Sāi hóng jīn , and in the bar code of the product appears in English "Blush Gold 64 GB / 128 GB".
This design concept and the details of the name of the color come from Benjamin Geskin , one of the usual information filterers of new products from Apple.
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