Sunday, August 6, 2017

The next Apple Watch will be a LTE chip

No one can deny that the last weeks of the Apple landscape has been full of news, leaks and concepts of iPhone 8, leaving aside some products that could bring some new or may even have a renovation in the coming months .
Specifically today the news comes from the hand of the well-known middle Bloomberg which has ensured that one of Apple products, could be renewed soon to bring a novelty never seen in it .

Apple Watch glucose monitoring and interchangeable smart bands
The media refers to Apple Watch, which in its third generation could have an LTE chip that would allow it to be completely autonomous with respect to the iPhone , quite the opposite to what currently happens with its two previous versions, which need a terminal To perform much of the functions we can do with these devices.
This new information could make clear that Cupertino is working on several fronts not only on the iPhone 8. According to the media, it would be Intel who would supply this LTE chip to the Californians for the renewal of their Apple Watch .
With this new function the already well-known Apple clock could perform functions of sending messages or calling without the need to be connected to an iPhone as it was until now.
Apple Watch microled display
Perhaps the only negative part of this new news is that the medium in question ensures that the product itself we would not see in 2017 and we would have to wait until early next year to see it in stores and available to be purchased.
Undoubtedly with this opens a new horizon for the people of Cupertino and its Apple Watch, who could see how this feature would attract many users for being innovative in the world of Apple , but not within other operating systems like Android.
What is more than clear is that Apple should put the batteries with future renovations, if it does not want its users do not see these delays in the presentations of their new products.
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