Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The next new iPhone could simply be called iPhone, iPhone Plus and iPhone Pro

Those who have been several years in this to follow the news of the iPhone, we wonder what will happen the day that Apple arrives at the iteration number 17 of the iPhone; Will they call it iPhone 17 ? Sounds a little strange . 10 years ago also sounded very strange to say iPhone 7 and has been there almost a year in Apple stores, so maybe it's just a matter of habit, but it does not seem to make much sense to continue adding a number more to the name for longer. In fact, Apple also put numbers after the iPad, and now calls them simply iPad or iPad Pro .
This is precisely what blogger John Gruber thinks will happen this year with the new iPhones this year; Many call them iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S or iPhone 8, for each of the three models that are expected. Others think that an iPhone Pro will be announced instead of the iPhone 8, while the evolution of the iPhone 7 will be called iPhone 7S, but this does not fit Gruber because if they are glass as we can see in these models , the look would be so different Which could not justify calling them iPhone 7S. Each iPhone S generation has looked pretty much the same as the previous generation, although on the inside they often receive more technical improvements than when the iPhone changes its appearance and number in its name. In this case, It looks like they would have the same shape, but using glass instead of aluminum, and for him that would make it unthinkable to call them 7S 7 7S Plus. For that reason, these are the names he believes will have the three new models of iPhone that Apple could present next month.
  • IPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 Pro
  • IPhone, iPhone Plus, iPhone Pro
According to him, any of these options would give these iPhones a new machine aura that they would lose in part if they were called iPhone 7S, 7S Plus and 8. What do you think? Would you like more iPhone 8, or just iPhone Pro? Do you prefer dry iPhone instead of iPhone 7S? - If Apple simply calls it iPhone as it does now with the iPad, in the future we would have to refer to them as iPhone of 2017 , iPhone of 2019 ... just like it is done right now with MacBook, for example.
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