Monday, August 7, 2017

The renewal of Apple TV will support 4K and HDR according to this new filtration

In the last week and since releasing the HomePod firmware so that developers could work with it, we have discovered a lot of news of other products thanks to the work of various developers , who have found this information the code.
In this way we have known what the physical aspect of the iPhone 8 or some features that will include facial recognition of such terminal among other things . Precisely now we have also known some other characteristic that we could see in the renovation, another of the products of the people of Cupertino.
This news ensures that the renewal of Apple TV, will be loaded with news for an audience that is becoming more demanding in a sector that is growing continuously. Thanks to the HomePod firmware, we have known that the renewal of the Apple TV can come with 4K and HDR support . These two characteristics would put Apple in the fight for the resolution that exists today in the market of televisions.
Apple TV tvOS 10 WWDC
This filtration also ensures that the next Apple product will also have two features as important as the ability to support Dolby Vision and HDR10 color formats, to give a higher quality of image to users and match the latest technologies we are Watching lately in the market.
All these developments would confirm Apple's commitment to make a qualitative leap in quality Apple TV. Of course these news also come to consolidate the rumor we heard this week in the industry that ensured that Apple is working to deliver content in 4K on iTunes .
Do you think that the improvement in the quality of the service and the product of Apple TV will serve Apple to be one of the great powers of the sector?
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