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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

There are 8 more iPhone models for the future

Just recently we told you that the new parts of the beta phase for iOS 11, both public and developer , have come to light recently, this brings with it many details of how the new operating system will have IPhone and iPad, but users, mostly developers, look too much for the source code and the source of it and from time to time happen things that are often misunderstood by Apple. This time we have a clear example of this since some people have discovered thanks to this encrypted data of the fifth stage beta developers 8 possible models that we will see iPhone in the not too distant future with some basic features.

Apple and its oversights

What they have deciphered so to speak is simply a list in which we can see the number just mentioned of the next possible Apple terminals, along with an iPad, other than the iPhone 9 that we already knew by some filtration . Really privacy is becoming a problem for the company of the Californian apple, to the point that they have decided to get down to work with some agencies like the FBI or the CIA could be to stop the feet of these individuals who Are dedicated to spreading secret files of the company.
List iphone models
If we classified the terminals of the apple by its capacity and such, each one would have 6 different models , that is, 3 normal with smaller and larger amounts of memory and other 3 Plus with the same characteristics that differentiate the previous one, but in this case we see That there are 8 instead of 6 , so it is possible that these 2 remaining numbers correspond to some model or version of the company's next smartphone: the iPhone 8, which will be the most expensive mobile phone in history .
It is true that Apple needs to improve its defenses against leaks, but for us the public is a good thing because we are taking an idea of ​​the form that will have the product in question before buying it and this can end up fomenting the desire and the anxiety or reducing it Drastically. We expect to hear soon of the iPhone 8 as the Cupertino company said it would come out in September but would come with a low number of units .

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