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Friday, August 11, 2017

These are all indications found in iOS 11 that reveal how the next iPhone

On July 28, Apple published in the developer portal a firmware for the HomePod . It was strange , because nobody outside of Apple has this device to be able to prove it . Only Apple employees have it at home to go do those tests, and for them was this firmware, which is another way to call the installation package of the entire operating system, in this case a version of iOS ( specifically 11.0.2 ) Ready to operate without a screen and starting a series of specific Apps to make this loudspeaker with integrated Siri.
Although Apple has already released a beta version of iOS 11 tests so that developers can test their Apps and report problems to correct, these versions of iOS are edited . That means that they still lack many files that make references to new functionalities, both software and hardware, that could have new devices, such as the iPhone 8 / iPhone Pro that has been rumored so long. In the case of iOS 11.0.2 beta for the HomePod, there was no edition . The reason? - probably, when going to Apple employees, it was not thought necessary. This, in itself, is not a mistake . What was a huge mistake was to publish that version of iOS in a place accessible to iOS developers around the world , and not just those Apple employees. Although that version of iOS was directed to HomePod , it also kept all other files that work for other devices, including new iPhone models not yet announced.
That version of iOS 11.0.2 quickly caught the attention first by the release, two small steps ahead of the test version that Apple introduced a few months ago, and second, because it was aimed at a device that no one had outside the company. Of course, many developers downloaded it . A few hours later, it was removed from that server free access for developers, but it was too late. Developers who know very well how iOS works like Guilherme Rambo or Steven Troughton Smith already had it in their Macs, and they began to investigate deeply all their files of configuration and code available to determine how they would be future models of iPhone. This is what they found .

The iPhone 8 will be all screen

Although it has been rumored for a long time that the next iPhone will finally end up with those upper and lower margins it has had since the first original model that went on sale just over ten years ago, there was no further confirmation. In this version of iOS was found an animated icon representing an all-screen iPhone , such as the one that had been rumored for some time, with a small recess at the top of the screen that houses sensors, headset and front camera.
IPhone 8 icon found in the HomePod firmware
This was probably the biggest leak. Apple had mistakenly published a version of iOS inside which showed an unannounced iPhone design . The news Travelled all round the world. From the day an Apple employee lost an iPhone prototype in a bar , he had not seen such a big screw-up on his part.

The iPhone 8 has a split status bar

Because of that incoming phone and headset, the status bar could be split for the first time to take advantage of the corners of the display. IOS 11.0.2 refers to this split status bar .
IPhone Pro Split Status Bar
Viewed from the front, this status bar will probably be very similar to this design concept ;
Design concept of the new split status bar of the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 has a face recognition system

In many places, iOS 11.0.2 refers to Pearl ID or Face ID . These are names that lead to an API that allows both Apple Apps and the operating system to identify a user by his face, and also refer to an infrared light system , which indicates that it could also work in Complete darkness, since that light is not perceptible by the human eye.
Pearl ID
It's hard to imagine an iPhone without Touch ID, but it looks like Face ID might be so good that it would completely replace the iPhone's fingerprint sensor. It will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the presentation of the new iPhone, and also one of the things that will be tested under all kinds of situations ... as Apple does not perfect, as it does not really work fast and well, even when not Is directly in front of the iPhone, the company will be highly criticized, without any doubt. Apple plays it with this change .
Pearl ID works with iPhone on a table
At least, we can be reassured to see that Face ID seems to work even if the user is not directly in front of this new iPhone , a clue that is also on iOS 11.0.2.

Apple Pay payments work with Face ID

This facial recognition is not only used to unlock the iPhone. Also to make payments with Apple Pay , in the same way that we now use our fingerprint to pay with the iPhone in any establishment where they accept payments with wireless debit / credit cards.
Pearl ID could work with Apple Pay

The Camera App will become smarter

IOS 11.0.2 tells us that the Camera App will have a new smart system that changes the settings before taking the picture , depending on what is ahead, probably using some system based on artificial intelligence to recognize the scene on the fly. Apple calls it SmartCam .

The Camera App will be able to record 4K video with both the front and back camera

Another great advantage is that the Front App will seem to improve much more than on previous occasions. This time, in addition, could record 4K video which indicates that it could have a resolution of at least 8 megapixels. In addition, you can record video at 60 frames per second at that resolution. At 1080p / Full HD, you could record at the amazing speed of 240 frames per second to get that wonderful slow-motion effect with a resolution and quality not seen so far on a smartphone.

IOS 11 will know if you're looking at the screen

The image recognition system of the front camera of the iPhone will let you know things as if we are looking at the screen. In that situation, iOS 11 will be able to delete or lower the volume when notifications arrive , since the sound will not be necessary to warn if we are looking at the screen.

The new Home button will be completely virtual

Since we do not have physical home button under the screen, in iOS 11 we are required to use a virtual, drawn interface . The nightmare of the Home button is gone, it does not work well after several years of use ... this button can not be damaged, because ... it does not exist - The 3D Touch screen pressure detection system and a Home button that, according to iOS 11.0.2, can change in size but not color , will help us to exit Apps or return to the first icon screen, easily. Of course, it can also disappear so as not to disturb when we see, for example, a full screen video.

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