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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

These messaging apps are much more secure than WhatsApp

Since the beginning of the era of smart phones, we have been accompanied by an application that certainly managed to seize the throne that shortly after the start of this new era would leave behind the classic Messenger. Of course, I speak of WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging client in the world . But not for that is the best. And it is that, everything has to be said, is far enough from the top, at least in quality and safety.
Since Facebook decided to acquire the well-known application, it began to undergo a series of changes that would leave behind the concept of a simple service . The social network transformed it into a combination of different methods of communication such as voice, text and sound. And yet, they did not focus on improving security in excess, which leaves it in clear evidence against rivals. So today, we present three alternatives to fill this lack of security with proposals that maintain a good balance between simplicity and protection.

Three apps to keep your most important conversations safe

Among these applications, we find proposals such as Silent Phone , Silent Circle, known for creating the so-called "safest phone in the world", the BlackPhone. We also have an app like Signal , something better known among secure messaging apps, which has been recognized by several personalities within the hacker community. In addition, we have Viber , which offers us an improvement in security without sacrificing many of the functions we already have in WhatsApp.
In any case, we will have a significant improvement in security. Whether for the different types of chat they have available, or the encryption they use, these applications will allow you to keep all your chats safe from many attacks on privacy. As always, nothing is foolproof, but we must always be aware that our security allows us to avoid most incidents.

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