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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

They manage to bring tvOS 11 to the limit making it support 4K

Recently we told you that soon we could see in the market a new Apple TV, something in the WWDC 2017 apple company left something aside, but that seems to be coming back and with more force than ever. Most probably, the return of this gadget comes with the possibility of watching movies or series in 4K resolution , something that until now was impossible since the best quality in which we could see something on Apple television was 1,920 × 1,080 Pixels , more commonly called as high definition whose system have the most televisions today.

Apple TV to 4K?

Very few experts in the jailbreak, have done something similar, but this time with the Apple TV leading to support 4K , something incredible because the odds that that goes wrong and have to throw the product to the trash are very high. The idea of ​​carrying this out was thanks to a message or clue that gave the source code of HomePod, which is the most curious and futuristic object that has Apple on sale today. The person who has managed to make this a reality is called Steve TS getting to make the Apple TV reproduce multimedia content in 3,840 × 2,180 pixels, also called 4K resolution , all this using a clear emulator.
This is just a clue that the next operating system of TVOS, which is currently in beta or test, will come with enough power and materials to make it possible to play 4K multimedia content , something incredible and Which will increase our enjoyment when watching our favorite movie or series on Apple TV. Although this does not stay here, since as we have seen previously, tvOS 11 will also bring the possibility of viewing them in HDR .
Good news for users or future buyers of the Apple TV, our apple television will have nothing to envy to those curved televisions that are worth a huge amount of money , although of course this is not cheap, but As we have said on more than one occasion: Apple products are worth their corresponding price , since the reliability and durability of these literally sweeps the rest of the competition in the market.

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