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Thursday, August 24, 2017

This could be the possible motherboard of the iPhone 7s Plus with the A11 chip

Benjamin Geskin is lately on everyone's lips given the leaks and rumors he is spreading about the upcoming Apple terminals. Today he has shared a photo of what appears to be the motherboard or logic that probably belongs to the future iPhone 7s Plus .

Will this be the motherboard of the new iPhone 7s Plus?

Possible iPhone 7s Plus motherboard
Possible iPhone 7s Plus motherboard
This card has a high probability that it is the iPhone 7s Plus , because if we look carefully the placement of the holes to insert the screws is presumably equal to the placement that presents in the current iPhone 7 Plus.
On the other hand we rule out the possibility that it belongs to the iPhone 8, since it would implement a stacked baseplate and a set of two cells placed in the form of L , which completely rule out the possibility that this plate could belong to the new Apple terminal with OLED display.
If you look at the photo, we see how the plate is not complete , because there are no components, although there are a series of recorded pads that make us assume the implementation of an A11 chip in this new iPhone 7 Plus, as well as a modem the Intel brand .
Supposed chip A11. Via GeekBar
This statement can be made thanks to blurred images of the supposed A11 chip that were shared by the Chinese account GeekBar last week.
This new A11 chip that Apple will implement in its devices will use a new 10 nanometer FinFET manufacturing process thanks to the manufacturer TSMC , which makes us assume that this new chip will be much faster and more efficient than the current A10 Fusion that incorporate the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.
As for the modem supplied by Intel, is virtually identical to the iPhone 7 Plus. Although it does not appear in the photo that we show you, it is possible that Apple will continue to include modems from the leading manufacturer of microprocessors Qualcomm , although if we consider the various legal disputes involving both companies, we may think that the balance will end up leaning Intel .
The logical plate is engraved with a " 3217 ", numbering that refers to the date in which it was manufactured, that is to say, in week 32 of the year 2017 , date that corresponds with the first days of the month of August . This information makes us think that the leak is reliable, since last year the iPhone 7 plate was filtered on a similar date, and turned out to be true .
IPhone 7s Plus Motherboard
Possible iPhone 7s motherboard. Source: @VenyaGeskin and explanatory edition of MacRumors
In the image above you can see very schematic where each component would be placed inside the plate.

We only have to wait for the September Keynote to see what Apple is surprised about, although it is very likely that these new iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are very similar to the current models unless they implement small improvements, as we have already accustomed in the " S " versions .

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