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Thursday, August 24, 2017

This could be the price of the iPhone 8: An outrage

As the month of September approaches, we are getting more details about the next iPhone tenth edition. This time a leak published in the New York Times (NYT) suggests that the price of the iPhone will be slightly more expensive than the current phones of Apple.

IPhone Price Tenth Edition

Although there is nothing officially, everything indicates that in the coming weeks we will receive the invitations for a new keynote by Apple. A presentation whose star product could be the i Phone 10th edition .

IPhone ComparisonPossible comparison between iPhone
Until the presentation officially arrives, rumors will continue to circulate on the network. Rumors like the one we bring you today. Our NYT colleagues just posted what could be the official price of the iPhone tenth edition. A price will be at "around $ 999" . If it is confirmed, we speak of a price at the edge of 1000 dollars the most economical model and with less storage space.

So, how many models will Apple present?

The latest rumors seem to indicate that Apple could launch three different models of the iPhone tenth edition. Three different storages with three different prices. Although it may seem that the Cupertino will mark a new record in the price of their smartphone, remember that yesterday, Samsung introduced its new Galaxy Note 8 whose price amounts to more than 1000 dollars your basic model.

Outline of the future iPhone 8 or iPhone tenth editionOutline of the future iPhone 8
A strategy that Apple could follow thanks to its new flagship. The report released today by The New York Times notes that the Cupertino company is considering a price tag of about $ 999 . They themselves point out that a price around $ 999 is somewhat diffuse, but a starting price of $ 999 is something that can become very plausible.
From NYT they point out that with $ 999 (plus the VAT that each states in particular in the USA), a user is expected to be able to buy an iPhone tenth edition with 64 GB of storage. The 64 GB of memory will be the new base storage capacity facing this year 2017 by Apple . Those of Cupertino will offer another option with a memory of 256 GB and perhaps a model of 512 GB. Recall that at present, each jump in the storage memory of iPhone is charged for about $ 100 more.

Comparison of prices with current and some extra confirmations

At the moment, the most expensive iPhone you can buy in the United States costs $ 969 (the iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB memory). If the price of $ 999 for the iPhone tenth edition of 64 GB is correct, the top model (256 GB) could scale up to $ 1100 . This represents an increase of $ 130 in price or the previous year's models.
iPhone 8 along with iPhone 7s and 7s Plus
IPhone 8 concept next to iPhone 7s and 7s Plus
The New York Times reiterates that the new models of the iPhone will have an inductive charging technology, facial recognition that has been discussed so far to make payments and unlock our iPhone without missing the fingerprint reader and a new design with a screen practically without bevels on the sides of it, an OLED screen with a small " peninsula " where Apple will include the headset, the front camera and the 3D front sensors.

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