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Monday, August 28, 2017

This is the augmented reality of the iPad

For a long time, augmented reality has become the large-scale technology to be implemented in the future. To date, this innovation is beginning to develop in many devices in the technology sector , as is the case of the iPad. And it is that the functions that can be carried out through augmented reality are increasing.
Through the Apple ARKit we have been able to know several functionalities that we can realize with the products of the ones of Cupertino. And it is that the pencil of Apple is one of the most innovative accessories that has presented the company during the last years.

A new world full of possibilities

On this occasion, we have been able to know in more detail the capabilities that the iPad offers us, as far as this subject is concerned. Thanks to a video posted on YouTube in which a developer shows the great artistic capacity that the US tablet offers us.
This is the application MakerStudio , a small jewel with which we can create objects in 3D and edit them through augmented reality. All this with the use of the precise pencil of Apple.
To this day, no dates are known when we can enjoy this incredible application. Maybe this app will also be available on the next iPhone 8 , which would incorporate compatibility with augmented reality, as has been rumored over the last few months.
Apple Pencil Tip
Finally we will have to wait to enjoy this wonderful tool. There is no doubt about the great artistic possibilities offered by this great combination . And is that the improvement of the benefits in the iPad every day have a reason more than justified.

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