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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

This is how Apple Pay could surprise in the next five years

In addition to the devices, Apple's services represent an important part of the ecosystem of benefits that the company seeks to offer its users, among them, Apple Pay stands out, for its quality and growth prospects, as outlined by the company Of Juniper Research.
According to the report generated by Juniper, this service has experienced a slow but solid growth in the United States, which could translate into a boom in the next five years.

Apple Pay in the US and Asia

Projections revealed this week indicate that by 2022, 34 out of 100 US purchases could be made with a mobile payment service, compared to the current figure of just 2 out of 100 purchases. Currently, the leader of this type of payment systems in the United States is Apple Pay.
In the same analysis also highlights that in a few years, US users would prefer this type of payment absolutely, because of its speed compared to conventionally used credit and debit cards. And they compare the growth in this country with the Asian case where payments from the mobile have been implemented faster and Apple Pay is also the leader.
However, these countries represent only a part of what could happen in the future, since the growth of the platform could be even greater, due to the expansion that continues in new countries, although this must also go hand in hand. The adoption by banks and local businesses of this technology.
Apple Pay Espana bank Santander
If we review the case Spain, nine months after the entry of the Apple Pay, is still one of the countries with the lowest adoption and ignorance of the system, since convincing banks to work with this technology has not been simple and so far , Only Banco Santander has the option. Will this change in the short term?

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