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Thursday, August 3, 2017

This is how the prices of the iPhone, iPad and Mac have risen by the digital canon

We announce it barely a month ago and just arrived. The new digital royalty has raised the prices of Apple products . This has not only affected the devices of the giant of Cupertino, but that the entire technology industry has encountered the same problem in our country .

 What is the digital canon?

It is a law of the Government of Spain to raise extra income and thus compensate for the private copy of content . It can be summed up in: they make us pay for something we have not done "just in case" as this is to compensate for people pirating content. An absurd solution to a problem that should be faced in another way .
Of course, this is not the first time this is attempted since in 2008 we tried to install this Canon Digital. However, the EU declared it illegal by the fact that it applied to individuals and professionals , who use the devices to work. The second attempt to install this Digital Canon was using the General State Budgets, something that the EU did not accept either. Now we are facing the third attempt, which raises the royalty through the purchase of devices, except the professionals .

How are we paying this fee?

Anything that has data storage must pay for it. When I say everything I mean everything. From printers, through USB and to tablets, mobile or computers, as they have a hard drive and can store multimedia content. The fee to be paid is also not abusive, however it is quite unfair for those who consume media content illegally . Also keep in mind that we already paid a tremendous amount of money to the state in the form of taxes.
Each type of device has a different fee in the canon , but the only thing that affects the giant of Cupertino is the following:
  • Hard disks (Mac computers): 5.45 euros each
  • Tablets or any device with touch screen (iPad and iPod): 3.15 euros each unit
  • Mobile phones or smartphones (iPhone): 1.10 euros per unit
The law states that this must be paid by the manufacturer and not by the customerHowever, we all have more than clear that this tax is going to translate into an increase of the price of the products and a smaller entrance of these to the country. What's more, if we go to the Apple page right now , we can see that the iPhone has gone from costing 769 euros to 770.33 euros , we can see that companies are not going to pay anything for this tax.
Undoubtedly, a server believes that this fee is a big mistake, we already paid enough money in taxes so that now we are charged for something that we may not have done . I hope this canon is revoked and that everything is back as before.

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