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Friday, August 11, 2017

This is what we know of the virtual home button of iPhone 8

While continuing to investigate that version of iOS 11.0.2 beta for the HomePod that should never see the light of day, we are finding more and more details about the operation of the iPhone 8, which as we all know is expected to be all screen and not Have a physical Home button like all iPhone models so far (although in the case of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it is a touch button, not mechanical, but physical under the screen). On this occasion, developer Steven Troughton Smith again gives us details of how he expects it to be that virtual Home button that will act as the physical button that disappears completely.
Although that virtual home button has been known in iOS for some time , it will probably be from this new iPhone when it really becomes an important feature that all users use.

This is how the first iOS Virtual Home button works

Except for the virtual button that could be displayed via accessibility options, the new virtual Home button that iOS 11 will use on that new iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro will be scalable . That means it could have different sizes, or even different shapes (eg rectangular instead of round) depending on each situation, as required by each App.
We also know that the bottom of the tabs at the bottom of Apps can reach the bottom of the screen , occupying the space of the virtual Home button. For that reason, it will be important for Apps developers to confirm that their apps can display that Home button with a contrasting background color so it looks smooth.
On the other hand, we also know that there is no API to change the virtual Home button ... so, or the button changes color automatically, or simply always has the same color. This is something we probably will not know until the day that Apple presents the new iPhone, probably within a month.
Finally, although this seems obvious, there are functions in iOS 11.0.2 to hide the virtual Home button when it is not necessary ... for example, when viewing a video in full screen or playing a video game. We do not yet know how the button will be invoked when we want to exit the application.

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