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Monday, August 14, 2017

This way you would see the apps on the iPhone 8

As the launch of the new flagship Apple iPhone 8 is coming, we have been able to see numerous images and fictional models that describe how the device will be, but non-functional dummy devices do not include software , so they do not offer a Full image of how the Apps could be seen on the iPhone 8.

Will this be the design of the tenth anniversary iPhone?

Designer Maksim Petriv has released several  iPhone 8 concepts that take into account current rumors to demonstrate what iOS 11 might look like in the new device.
IPhone 8
Concept of how Apps would look on the new iPhone 8
Rumors and less-filtered information from HomePod's firmware suggest that the iPhone 8includes both a top bar that houses the front camera and sensors for a face recognition system and a lower feature area that would have a virtual home button , Both imagined in Petriv's images.
Petriv's photos include information about the status bar located on the top of the device on either side of the physical portion that would occupy camera and sensors and a small home button area at the bottom. We are still not sure what Apple plans to do with that area of ​​the iPhone 8, but we do know that it is scalable , can be hidden and does not seem to include elements of the user interface of the application , that is, simple.
The representations made by Petriv show the unlock screen and the App Store , along with popular online service applications Netflix and Spotify .

Three possible layouts of how the Apps would look on the new iPhone

The third model would possibly be Apple's bet
The firmware HomePod Apple has suggested that the information in the status bar, such as signal strength, user information and battery life will be divided and displayed in the area near the sensors and camera. The vanishing points of the Apple firmware image point to the third option and suggest that the company will embrace the "physical notch" instead of hiding it through the software.
It's not clear what Apple's design solution will be, but these images give us some insight into how apps will look on an edge-to-edge display with almost no bezels and a cutout for the front camera and sensors.
Apple usually reveals new iPhone in early September , so we're only weeks away from our first glimpse of the iPhone 8 and its companion devices, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7S Plus.
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