Wednesday, August 9, 2017

This will be the three models of iPhone that Apple will present this year

The latest information on the iPhone 8 has greatly changed the user's idea of ​​what would be the next terminal of the people of Cupertino. In this way and thanks to a known industry and the designer of some new models, we can know how the terminals will be presented by Apple for the month of November.
It has been the well known 9to5Mac medium that has shown us the models made by this user. In these images we can see the three possible models that we would see in the future presentation of Apple, referring to the models 7S, its version Plus and the iPhone 8 .
Models iPhone 7s 7s plus and 8
As we can see in the images, the two terminals of the S-family would look very similar to the ones that already have the latest models that exist in the market today. On the other hand we also see a model very similar to the designs that we have seen even filtered in the own firmware of HomePod, for an iPhone 8 that increasingly looks like it will not have a fingerprint reader located in the back .
According to the latest data the long-awaited iPhone 8 will base the functions of unlocking in facial recognition that Apple is already working , and that will serve other functions such as using Apple Pay. This way Apple would have avoided that problem that had to integrate its Touch ID, in a terminal without frames in its front part.
Iphone mockups
It is true that this new model has included a detail that although it has been rumored during this last year has not been seen in any of the models made to date, referring to the glass construction of the back of the terminal that Reminds us a lot of the iPhone 4 family .
No doubt these new models do not show much more than we know until now, but it is true that any fan of Apple likes to see together the three terminals that the people of Cupertino will present in their next Keynote .
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