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Friday, August 25, 2017

Thus advances the Apple Park and especially the Steve Jobs Theater

In addition to the keynote presentation of the upcoming Apple keynote - tentatively scheduled for September 12 - we all hope this is the occasion to open the Steve Jobs Theater, located in Apple Park.
The auditorium of the new headquarters of Apple, operative since April in a large part, has capacity to serve more than a thousand people and according to the images captured in the video made by youtuber Duncan Sinfield, everything seems to indicate that only some details are missing , which could be resolved before the second week of September, or at least we wish it to be so.
It is interesting to see how the works advance at such a good pace, especially when compared to the last video published just a week ago.
Apple Park Theater Steve Jobs

This is how Steve Jobs works

In the 360-degree video published by Sinfield the first thing you can see is the greenery that increasingly covers the outer areas of buildings, and is also one of the most touted details by Apple in its commitment to ecological works .

Although we can also appreciate several unfinished spaces, attention is focused on the works around the Steve Jobs Theater, where we see a large group of workers who seem to evaluate each progress. Internally everything seems to be very advanced, although the outside is still covered with machinery and lack of pavement.
From these areas can not be overlooked panels of the main building that serve to regulate temperatures without the need for electricity for several months of the year. In addition, the internal offices are seen ready and with lights on, clearly indicating that they have already been occupied by a large part of the company's staff, and as has been said from Apple, the move is expected to finish in December.

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