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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tim Cook says 'hatred is a cancer' and promises a donation of 2 million

Over the last few years we have been able to witness many tragedies that the United States has undergone, the most recent being that of Charlottesville, where violence erupted between white supremacists and opposing demonstrators. To date, companies such as Apple and PayPal have taken a stand in the matter by completely blocking their corresponding payment methods on websites and online stores that sell any type of object that would foment violence and hatred in this city .

Trump makes the situation worse

Trump Migration Policies Affect Technology Companies
The current president of the country in question, Donald Trump, publicly responded to this type of violence being criticized by both sides, that is, both Republicans and Democrats . The one who today is the resident of the white house has had very particular ideas, many of these thoughts have been completely the opposite of what most people think, the most serious and notable example of this is the anger of Tim Cook with Trump when the president rejected the agreement with Paris against climate change .
As we have said at the outset, Apple is acting before this type of actions carried out in the city of Charlottesville in one way or another, but Tim Cook has also taken his side more supportive because of the deceased and another 19 injured by the attack Of a car last Saturday promising to donate $ 2 million to support equality between the different political thoughts that people have had this weekend.
Tim Cook
Tim Cook has also expressed his opinion that he is against what Trump has said on the subject , for which he was criticized as we have mentioned something above. We also have to say that the message from Apple confirming the donation has not been public, but through an email.
They do not stop to join reasons for Cook and Trump does not take too well , but this is another issue. We live in a modern world in which equality is almost impossible to achieve while in other fields or sectors are achieved daily things that were previously unknown if they were possible. We hope this kind of tragedy will not happen again.

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