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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tim Cook: We are working on an autonomic system for more than just cars

We live in a world controlled by technology which is progressing faster and more efficiently. For several decades now , climate change has gone from being an absurd belief to a truly believable reality because the sea level is growing and does not seem to want to stop which can be a problem for the lives of many animals and even people , Although this is a conflict that will take time to come, will eventually arrive.

Electric cars are the future

Apple could be working on an electric car
For years we have been seeing cars whose fuel is electricity, we will all sound the famous Toyota Prius which is a clear example of this. The purpose of this new way of operating vehicles is simply to reduce the emission of gases that damage the atmosphere that protects us from the sun, because it has a weaker layer in Antarctica and has resulted in the thawing of thousands of giant icebergs . A few months ago Paris proposed to change the laws of the major countries of the world to reduce emissions of these gases, but Donald Trump rejected it and for reasons such as this, Apple CEO Tim Cook and the current president do not get along very well .
Lately we have been seeing great news about what could be a car manufactured by Apple entirely, but no matter how much we feel Tim Cook himself and said in his day that is something they have in mind and that probably will end up doing , but that day Of today is not something that is within your next plans . Having said all this, we have good news if you are one of those who still have faith in seeing an apple car in a relatively early future, because again the apple CEO has reopened saying that they are working on An autonomous driving system, although this project has almost nothing to do with cars.

Apple and its ideas

The speculations that seem to be linked to what Apple is plotting are based on what will be a kind of platform or something similar in which we can park our vehicle and we can move without needing to start the engine of the car , something similar has been Seen in Asian countries where you want to create a bus for cars. We will have to be attentive to what the future holds for us and our beloved apple.

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