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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Use PayPal via Skype on iOS thanks to the agreement between both firms

There are tools that in our day to day have been becoming imperative, one of the most used is clearly WhatsApp since it is the most famous and one of the most likely to give us when it comes to conveying a message, emotions Or any opinion we have about something in the most accurate and accurate way. This one we just mentioned is the most used in our routine, but when it comes to touching a computer or any device other than our mobile phone we tend to use more tools , one of the most used in these gadgets is Skype .

Welcome to Skype

Skype video call
Skype came many years ago and even more than a decade to our screens as a better and more comfortable alternative to the old Messenger which in the end ended up killing the poor green dummy. Our dear cloud has always been there offering us the best service and quality of call, messaging and so on , but leaving all that aside, is there any way to get even more out of it? The answer to this curious question will be given below.
It seems that the high charges of Skype were thinking of something innovative to do with their software that nobody had done so far and that was really useful for day to day, that's when they decided to mix PayPal with Skype . This is not the first time that these two great brands come together or have something in common, since Amazon has had agreements with both companies , but the good thing is still to come since for now we only have something they are testing: PayPal in the Skype application for iOS, so we can make payments or receive money from anywhere in the world using only our favorite messaging app.
Apple Pay
Although this new system to move money this test only because something is only for iPhone and iPad users at the moment , it seems that it is giving very good results and with a bit of luck soon will also be in the version of Android Of Skype, but that yes, the main reason why the cloud has opted for the apple instead of the operating system of Google is clear: iOS is a simpler software to manage and that with the passage of time does not change As much as does its counterpart, so it was much simpler to try on it.

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