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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What would they be doing in this meeting with photos of the new iPhone?

In the present day, we have received some photos that have been very interesting. These have been published by Benjamin Geskin ( @ VenyaGeskin1 ) in which you can see a private meeting in China. At this meeting they would be showing images of the possible new iPhone. Is this a private presentation for Apple employees?

A possible meeting to introduce the new features of the new iPhone?

In these images that we are going to leave you next, you can see how the meeting goes to explain the different features that will have the new Apple iPhone. 
As Benjamin Geskin says, in this type of presentations can not use official images, but if they will explain in detail the different technologies and functionalities that could have the iPhone 8 / 7s. Something very characteristic that we have seen is facial recognition . This hypothetical new method of unlocking using our facial features may be one of the great additions by Apple, although this would not be called innovating. In addition, in the superior images also it speaks of the battery that would incorporate and of the different connectivities. This is obviously just an "appetizer" of all the functions that will have exposed.
This meeting would be aimed at all Apple employees to be ready for launch . It should be noted that we are already finishing August and it is a matter of days before the official date of the Keynote is announced. This means that all employees should soon receive information about what they are going to sell in the Apple Store, and this information appears to be provided at such private meetings.

Although we obviously can not confirm that this meeting was done for that purpose although we think it makes sense this hypothetical meeting so that employees do not catch them by surprise. Now leave us in the comment box your point of view to see the images that Benjamin Geskin has uploaded and if you think that this meeting could be celebrated in reality or not. 

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