Tuesday, August 1, 2017

You can take all the color to your black and white photographs

We return to the charge with photographic tricks. Today it is the turn to a technique that may seem from another era but is still very much in force and, depending on how we use it, can give us many joys. We talk about black and white photography .
First of all it should be thought that when we are with our iPhone making some photos, many of them can look good in two colors. That is why it is very important that we let ourselves be inspired and "see" that photo through the black and white, how it can remain so . We can activate this mode from the camera's own screen and test.
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If there is good natural light and this is also generating shadows, you can probably make great pictures with black and white. Subsequently we can make use of any editing program to enhance and highlight those shadows and contrasts . The results will surprise you.
When we are working in black and white and we leave the color photo, we may be more focused, because our energy will be focused on capturing well the lights and shadows, as well as the textures . It is very interesting and enriching to leave our comfort zone of the color photo.
Now, what kind of photographs usually work well in black and white? Those in which patterns of shapes or geometric lines intervene Urban and building photos could be a good example. They are also very powerful portraits, help us to enhance many details, give depth to the looks or gestures.
Otherwise, you just have to experiment and see which photo works and which does not. To photograph is learned by shooting, asking those who know the most and losing the fear. Go get your inspirations, with your iPhone you can now do real wonders . Are you going to miss it?
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