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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

You will buy the new iPhone without looking at the price and we will tell you why

The next Apple phone is not going to be precisely cheap, it is probably one of the most expensive mobile phones in history . However, it is very likely that many followers of the brand end up buying it without even looking at the price of it, why would they make such a waste?

Company discounts

That's right, phone companies sometimes offer very large discounts on a phone if you make a stay contract . Yes, you will be anchored in that company several years and you will also be meced of what the company decides, but your next iPhone can cost you half and you will be able to pay it in installments.

1,200 euros may not be the starting price

As you just read, perhaps the rumors that ensure that the price will reach 1,200 euros refer to the version of the phone of 256 GB. Maybe it is not so much and the version of the smartphone of 64 GB costs around 1,000 euros . Keep in mind that it will probably be a premium phone and it will come along with the iPhone 7s.

Loyalty to the brand

Many fans would buy this phone because of Apple rather than its features . Maybe it's not your case, the iPhone has a lot to offer and many advantages over its competitors, but if something has characterized Apple throughout its history is for its tireless fans who will never stop buying their products.

Fashion accessory

We can not deny that when this iPhone comes out those who have it will stand out. Who does not want to stand out? It will be a very nice phone to see and if you already have an iPhone you will surely be interested in getting this one. We talked about the first change of design notorious since the iPhone 6.

10th Anniversary

The marketing that Apple is going to give to this phone will be worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster . Many people will only buy it by collection. The tenth anniversary of the iPhone is not an event that is going to go unnoticed at all and as a result of this sales will rise.

The most striking design

We are talking about a phone without borders, with fingerprint reader integrated in the screen and probably with a chrome rear that will catch the attention of anyone who sees it. Just exposing it in a store will get the attention of almost everyone who comes . Also, it's an iPhone and will work with iOS. It was time to have a screen with no borders on an iPhone.
It's still expensive, of course, but that does not mean that many of us will buy it. It will be an impressive phone, never seen in Apple . It is not innovative at all since Android went ahead with the Infiniti screen. But if you have to choose, you prefer that your phone with such an amazing screen, work with iOS.

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