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Thursday, September 14, 2017

10 years of iOS, so the APP changed our lives

Since the first iPhone was announced, a new way of performing everyday actions came into play This revolution caused by the entry of the mobile applications in our lives modified the way of interacting with our devices completely.
Apps are a part of our day to day, each one can perform one or several really interesting actions. This allows us to do incredible things with our devices.
In addition to interacting with them, they created a new business model for developers and even a very high interest for people to reinvent themselves in their working life.

Angry Birds, the birds of the golden eggs

The creators of Angry Birds designed 10 ideas every day to find the "formula" to entertain millions of players on their smartphone. Until they designed the famous birds that made billionaires their creators.
Behind Angry Birds, there is a trajectory of about 51 games that have been released since 2003 without too much or no success until 2009. This almost lead to the ruin to the developers, until finally they published Angry Birds with a new way of model freemium
More than a billion downloads in 2012 , a success, where the famous game came to conquer children and elders. All thanks to a new publishing window, the App Store.

Developers Prefer App Store vs. Google Play

App Store vs Google Play Store
There is a really interesting fact, Apple users do not mind paying for a good application. We are aware that good digital work has to be remunerated.
Something that can be really interesting for the app developers themselves, who know the process well to create applications like these , and especially know that their work is rewarding in every way, including the economic one.
In Google Play there is another business model. It earns less money, since users often have many similar applications (or the same upload by another user). This to some extent can not be detrimental to 100%, as they can gain much more impact , thanks to the market share that has Android among users.
The most sensible thing is to try to make an application for both platforms, where it could complement one another . While in the App Store we would have some interesting economic resources, with Google Play we would have the impact at the level of the rapid diffusion between the users.

Not only the games lives the App Store

App Store
Today we do unimaginable things with our smartphone thanks to the applications. Stop queuing at the bank, take money from the cashier with an APP, make video calls from anywhere in the world with FaceTime or Skype, or have all the tools of an office on an iPad.
Developers demonstrate every day how our daily habits can change . It is your success formula, your daily motivation. Create an APP that helps users and with it can implement it in their day to day, make it essential.
Although it is true that launching a successful application from the minute one is very complicated, but you can get to do. Simply demonstrate to users the benefits offered by our APP for their day to day and know how to promote it well in the App Store.

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