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Thursday, September 21, 2017

11 small details that make iOS 11 the best mobile operating system

After a long wait, iOS 11 is already here . The new mobile software from Apple brings a lot of new features including a customizable Control Center , a much more functional Dock, a redesigned App Store , Drag and Drop , Siri improvements and more.
But among all the surprises we had iOS 11 we have also found some small details that, at a visual level, show that iOS 11 is the most elegant, most organized and most advanced operating system in history.
Let's take a walk through the iOS 11 user interface and discover all those details that are often overlooked after the release of a new version of a mobile operating system. Can you come with us?

1. Password

The aesthetics of the password screen has changed slightly, the changes are barely noticeable. But when you see it for the first time after coming from iOS 10 it shows, a lot. It is more minimalist, even if it fits, and super stylish.

2. Touch ID

Now, on iOS 11, when you press a notification on the Lock Screen, this message will appear indicating that you use the Touch ID function to unlock the device. Again, minimalism to power.

3. Control Center

The iOS 11 Control Center is one of the elements of the user interface that has changed the most. It is now complemented with the Dock and the App Switcher (the interchange system). It will take a while to get used to it, but just for the improvements in the personalization already it has been worth.

4. Animations

One of the details that we liked most about iOS 11 is the implementation of new animations in the operating system. For example, when you activate a button in the Control Center, very elegant animations appear in functions such as "Low power mode" or "Do not disturb mode".

5. 3D Touch

When you use the 3D Touch function on an iPhone over the Control Center buttons, each item is expanded to give you more control over its functionality . But, additionally, it can also be used on any iPad by keeping your finger pressed on each button.

6. Video Playback

The elements of the user interface of video playback have changed a lot. Personally I preferred the colors of light colors in iOS 10, but it is true that obscuring these elements favors the visualization of multimedia contents . On the other hand, the elements have also been reorganized. The Picture-in-Picture function is now in the upper left corner, next to the full-screen button. The volume is at the top right. Additionally two buttons have been added to fast forward and delay the video playback for 15 seconds . Many changes!

7. Slide Over

When you hold your finger on an application and point it to the side, the Slide Over function is activated. In the screenshot you will see how much the activation method has changed with respect to iOS 10.

8. Multitasking

The Slide Over function of Multitasking is activated differently. But it is not the only change. The visual aesthetics of your user interface has also changed, and it's a joke.

9. Dock

We continue with the wonderful and redesigned user interface of the iOS 11 Dock. Besides having a very nice design, the Dock will appear on any application whenever you want to activate it. Just slide a finger!

10. App Store

There are several applications that have renewed their design in iOS 11. But one of the most we liked is the App Store. Its exquisite minimalism and dedicated organization have greatly improved its user experience . It looks like the Apple News app, right?

11. Notes

And we end up with another of those little details that one often overlooks. The iOS 11 Notes app now has a new font , now it is more rounded. You like more? Oh, I forgot! Another detail: the buttons for managing and deleting annotations have also changed slightly.
So far, our walk has come because of the small details and changes that Apple has implemented in the iOS 11 user interface for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch . Our general opinion is unanimous, the minimalism of its design is truly exalted. But now it's up to you ... What do you think about iOS 11? Do you like the design of your user interface? What is that little detail that has caught the attention of the mobile operating system?

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