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Saturday, September 16, 2017

40 million songs on your wrist

Now with the new Apple Watch Series 3 , you can have 40 million songs on your wrist. A slogan very similar to the one that Steve Jobs presented with the launch of the iPod, " 1,000 songs in your pocket ".
The integration of Apple Music with Apple Watch is really interesting, not depending on the iPhone or having to use iTunes to transfer your songs, makes the Apple Watch become a more versatile device every day.
Until now, we relied on iTunes to transfer our songs we had previously purchased. With the help of the iPhone we can synchronize the lists, but if we had hired Apple Music, it was no use for the Apple Watch, until now.

Cable free music, in every way

The new generation of Apple Watch, is much more powerful than previous versions, incorporates major improvements like the LTE connection . That is, we can make calls or synchronize our lists of Apple Music without having to be paired with our iPhone or a WiFi signal.
The downside is that it is not yet available in Spain, but it will be at some point with some additional payment plan linked to our data rate. In the United States there are already plans for about $ 10 a month, even less.
Thanks to AirPods or Bluetooth headsets from other brands, it is possible to listen to music or podcast directly from our Apple Watch . But now we go one step further. If we have contracted Apple Music, we can synchronize our lists from anywhere with the LTE connection.
Going outside without relying on the iPhone to listen to our Apple Music songs is a new sensation . Yes, we could emulate it with iTunes, but it is not the same, we lost time to synchronize or we had to go through the box to buy songs or complete albums from the iTunes Store.
On September 12, the new Apple Watch series 3, which will be delivered on Friday, September 22 , went on sale Demand in the early hours has been very good, as in the United States.
Without a doubt, Apple Watch has deepened users, to the point of becoming the best selling watch in the world, beating first brands and with a satisfaction rating of 97% .

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