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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

According to analysts, Apple will sell 227.5 million new iPhone

The arrival of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X will allow Apple to rebound in the number of sales of its flagship products, reaching the chilling 227.5 million terminals, which would increase 4.8%, according to analysts. means TrendForce .

227.5 million new generation iPhone is what they expect to sell at Apple

iPhone 8 concept
One of the many concepts of iPhone 8

This will cause an increase in sales, something that does not want the company of Cupertino, to be able to leave of stagnant numbers in the last fiscal quarters. The incorporation of OLED screens and the various technologies that have leaked are a very good claim for all buyers of this brand, although the price can throw back a large majority. Yesterday we told you for example that 40% of users who have an iPhone now, will end up acquiring the next generation.
IPhone sales evolution
IPhone sales evolution | Units: Millions | Font: TrendForce
TrendForce market analysts have stated the following:
Among the three iPhone 10th anniversary models to be released today, the 5.8-inch premium model will come with an AMOLED display. The introduction of an AMOLED iPhone will help accelerate AMOLED adoption in the smartphone market. TrendForce predicts that around 43% of smartphones shipped worldwide in 2020 will feature the AMOLED display.
Has Apple lost a year of growth by not including AMOLED screens when it played? These analysts believe that one of the keys is the quality of the screen for the consumer to finally decide to purchase this terminal. This new technology is supported by the introduction of a better front camera that will make Face ID possible. This will drive much more production of this component as the total value of these components currently reaches $ 1,500 million but in 2020 will reach 14 billion dollars. A dramatic increase.

We hope that Apple will begin to innovate in this tenth anniversary, everything that has not been innovated in other generations. Will Apple be able to grow its market rate and its profits? Leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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