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Monday, September 11, 2017

After a year, iOS 10 has been the most valued operating system of iPhone and iPad

Apple has always been characterized by compensating its weaknesses in the shortage of power or hardware for some users thanks to the operating system that both their terminals and their iPad tablets have, we are talking about iOS. Soon we will see the official arrival of IOS 11 and the truth is that his older brother, iOS 10 left the bar very high software being the most beloved apple by the community of these two products.

iOS 11 is going to have hard to equal iOS 10

iOS 11 beta
In a few days iOS 10 will be 1 year old and since then a lot of things have happened that have positively affected the experience of iPhone and iPad users . For things like that has been the operating system that best impression has caused the public of Apple and iOS 11 is going to have difficult to match it.
We already told you recently that Apple has already released the 10th beta of iOS 11, both for developers and public , this being the first time they have reached the number ten in this phase of testing a software, they still have many things for polishing and will soon be officially released.
To give you an idea of ​​the success of iOS 10, currently 89% of all the iPad and iPhone in the world have this operating system , only 9% have iOS 9 and the remaining 2% use an older version to both.
If iOS 11 does not leave tomorrow with the exit of the iPhone 8 and other , it will leave next week, but the thing is that we will finally have it finally in a short period of time , although of course, it still has some errors and things that can be put inside the "upgradeable" folder, but we are sure that Apple has a plan and will execute it in the right way.
ios 11 on iPhone
And we have only to wait until tomorrow, in the calendar of the community of Apple is very well marked on September 12 as the arrival not only of the most expensive smartphone in history , but as the most advanced and the apple product that will mark one before and one after.

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