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Friday, September 1, 2017

AirPods are dominating the US market

We all know that our beloved Cupertino company likes to make trends in everything they do, a clear example of which was the AirPods, innovative headphones that made you forget literally the most common problem with this type of products: the entanglement of cables . When this great new way of listening to music came to the market was a boom and is that only the income of Apple Watch and Airpods have the same magnitude that would have a company within the Fortune 500 .

Apple continues sweeping the competition

Photo of Apple CEO
We always like to say that Apple has been the pioneering brand and at the same time inventor of many things, this is in many cases a reality, Airpods are a clear proof of it. Sales of these had come down, in theory, because the company of the apple was delayed too much to manufacture this product, but have managed to streamline the process in some way and that is why these earphones so unique have come to absorb 85% of all the revenues of Wireless helmets, that is to say, without cable, within the American market.
For someone who is not very on the subject will believe that wireless headsets only have the AirPods, but it is not, there are numerous brands and other manufacturers who have made, so to speak, a copy of the apple product , but with other appearances.
The AirPods have hit the table and made it clear that Apple is the winner , because also the question arises: Why buy a headset without another cable brand when the company of Cupertino are the best by far ? Price may be a vital factor in these cases, but we have always said that Apple products are worth their price.
Colorful AirPods
Now it is only waiting for the exit of the iPhone 8, which already has a fixed date: September 12 , ie in less than two weeks we will see one of the biggest milestones in the history of technology and at the same time the most expensive smartphone of history .

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