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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

AirPower for a world without cables

We want a world without wires, that could be one of the slogans of the presentation that we saw in the auditorium Steve Jobs. The idea is very good, but everything has to be said, it arrives somewhat later on the competition.
When plug in our bedside table is no longer able to host more connected devices, AirPower arrives. The way that Apple has decided that from now on we charge our devices, unless it offers us this interesting alternative.
The Lighting connector will remain in effect, of course, but now we will only have to support our iPhone , Apple Watch or the new AirPods on this basis, of which price and arrival date are not known.

AirPower compatible with the Qi standard

AirPower mophie
The new iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X will support wireless charging, plus Apple Watch and AirPods with a new compatible case. With AirPower we can load up to 3 devices simultaneously , something that is appreciated to be able to release cables and plugs in our home or office.
It will be compatible with the Qi standard . This standard means that it can be used by other products that are also compatible with this standard. The AirPower base will be able to detect what type of device we have deposited to charge the battery without cables.
The idea is pretty good, to get to the car, leave the iPhone and start charging without having to connect any cable. This will help us to have more autonomy during the day . Like doing it at home or at work, as long as we do not use our iPhone, it is left above the base so that it always has an acceptable battery.
The AirPower base will not be available until 2018 , although Apple offers us an alternative on its own website.

Third party alternatives backed by Apple

AirPower mophie
The idea of ​​offering a wireless world, also tends to offer a product that can perform this service. Apple for the moment has the idea, but not the manufacture. AirPower is expected to arrive early next year .
At the moment, Apple offers us an alternative of the hand of mophie for a price of 64.95 euros . A solution that is available on the Apple website but that still can not be purchased.
The mophie charging cradle has a power of 7.5 watts , compatible with the fast charge that Apple will release in an upcoming update. The base has a rubber coating to not scratch our iPhone or any device we want to charge.

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