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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Amazing what you can do with your videos in this app

This week we are talking about an application that is a surprise. It is called Splice, it comes from the hand of the Californian company GoPro and its mission is the video edition . If today we make mention of it is for several good reasons that we happen to discover.
It is a simple but very powerful app, Splice makes it easy to create totally personalized and professional-looking videos with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We are not short on saying that it has the power of a desktop editor, but is optimized for your Apple device.
Its operation is simple, since you can create clips from the photos you have, or incorporate videos to edit them . Tap to trim clips, adjust transitions, add slow motion effects and more for spectacular creations and you will not be lazy in sharing.
It can be said that it is a bomb in your pocket, and works with photos and videos captured with your phone or sports camera. The big point in favor of the application is that it gives you everything done and its degree of configuration is maximum . The recordings can be saved to 1080 HD, which is a definition wing that we were light years in telephony a few years ago.

Thread Tools

  • Automatically sync your video to the beat of the music.
  • Apply filters and adjust background colors, orientation and more.
  • Add title slides, overlapping texts and a custom close.
  • Adjusts the playback speed.
  • Cut, crop and re-frame your photos and video clips.
  • Controls the speed between transitions. He does everything.

A little music, please

  • You can add predefined music of many styles , your own music or none.

If you want to share

  • Expose your creations on a multitude of platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, or on social networks.
  • You can save the videos in the Photos application to send them by mail or messaging.

What we like (and what little we do not)

That is all said, and Slice is an essential tool for anyone who wants to take their videos a point beyond. The less good point is that although the application is entirely in Castilian, the help section is in English. It is a minor evil because the app is very intuitive and simple to handle .
Without fear of making a mistake, we can say that you will not find a video editing app that does it better. For ease, variety of content, configurability and price, free .
What is your favorite type of application? Did you know Splice? All this and much more await you in comments. We will wait for you.

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