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Monday, September 11, 2017

Analysts say people will pay the $ 1,000 that costs the iPhone X

There are less than 24 hours left for the keynote to start the presentation of new Apple products. Among them, the clear favorite is the iPhone or X, but clearly the question we all wondered about was going to be the most expensive smartphone in history was: who is going to buy something with such a high cost? As analysts have the answer to this question saying that the public of the block will buy the terminal regardless of the price that it has.

The price is not a problem

Apple Money
It is not new, we have always said that Apple products are worth their corresponding price without any doubt about it, this money difference is because the average life of anything that carries behind an apple is much higher than the rest in the competition , also the technical service that the Cupertino company offers is the best we can find.
Analysts have been able to say this because as we have just said, the iPhone 8 is going to have a price never seen before and it was feared that many users of Apple terminals were going to end up switching to other brands such as Samsung or LG.
The apple ran a survey of the current owners of one of their smartphones and 40% of them said not only that they were going to buy an iPhone 8, but they thought to buy the most expensive of all, the iPhone X.
Colors Available iPhone 8
We have always said that tomorrow will be a very special day for Apple and that will go on sale a milestone not only for telephony but also for technology as such. This fact that the iPhone X, being the highest of the range, will have no problem when it comes to selling has been because the current iPhone users see the terminal in question as an investment, since as we said before the products of Apple have more reliability and useful life.

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