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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Apple explains what really happened with Face ID

During the presentation of the new iPhone X, all alarms jumped when the most important novelty, the Face ID , failed This did not go unnoticed in the media, where it caused a great stir when doubting the optimal functioning of the same.
After several speculations about what could have happened, Apple has decided to give a folder on the matter to settle it as soon as possible. Face ID worked correctly , did it as scheduled.
The problem came because of the number of people who were close to the new iPhone X, where apparently, when trying to recognize so many faces, this activated the system by security code, where Federighi had to dial the code to verify that he was "the owner" of the iPhone X.

Face ID worked as planned

Apple refers that the security system worked as it had to work, blocking Face ID as it would with Touch ID . That is, after some failed attempts, forces us to enter the manual code. When "seeing" so many faces, iPhone X activated security mode by not detecting Craig Federighi in several attempts.
When this one approached to begin with the presentation, the iPhone X already was blocked, with which it was impossible to unlock it by Face ID. Thanks to Craig did not lose his nerves , only stayed in an anecdote, for many unnoticed during the event.
With the Touch ID exactly the same thing happens, when for any reason, the iPhone does not pick up our footprint, we miss the message that we have to enter the security code to unlock the iPhone.
During these days, social networks have been filled with comments of all kinds , where it was said that the iPhone X has just been turned on, hence we had to enter the code. Others commented that Face ID was not yet ready to exploit it commercially.
There is one thing clear, if Apple opted for this facial recognition system as a security mode on our iPhone, it is because it really works . To settle the matter, Apple offers us the official version of what really happened, where, frankly, it has enough logic.

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