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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Apple has hired 4 more veterans for the team in charge of the Apple TV

We all know that the Californian firm, if we can say that it has some of its products abandoned or with less attention, that is undoubtedly the Apple TV. It seems that our beloved bite apple has decided to invest an immense amount of money in reviving its own television and have done it nothing more nor less than acquiring 4 veterans in the sector to incorporate them to the equipment in charge of everything related to the TV of the company .

Apple TV and its template

Apple TV 4
That's right, Apple has taken a look at the less-talked-about products in their domains and have clearly seen Apple TV need a little love from the company . They have hired 3 big names from one of the best known companies within the film industry: Sony Pictures . They have also recruited an expert on the WGN theme and are ready to demonstrate that apple television can rival and outperform the current market.
The names of the former Sony workers are: Kim Rozenfield, former head of programming at that company, Max Aronson and Ali Woodruff . On behalf of the WGN have recruited Rita Cooper Lee to be the director in charge of a part within the Apple TV team . The truth is that the apple is mounting a very important template and that it will give of that to speak soon.

With all the competition against which the Apple TV will be present , these 4 geniuses of the theme in which they work may seem to be short, but according to the company with them will be enough to revive the television of the apple and give a strong blow on the table exclaiming that they are still alive and will not fall without fighting.

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