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Monday, September 11, 2017

Apple is already the third in the Fortune 500, Tim Cook says that this is due to its products

The Fortune 500, for those who do not know it, is a list of the 500 most valuable companies in the world. The same list has said on many occasions that Apple is the most profitable to invest from the point of view of a common investor, but until very recently Apple was among the "heap" of the top 10, although recently and probably thanks to everything of the iPhone 8, is in the third position of the most important ranking that exists in the economy.

Apple continues to grow

Tim Cook
It is too much chance that the apple has jumped this jump just one day before the departure of his big and expected new terminal: the iPhone 8. To resolve the doubts about this Tim Cook confirms by saying that this rush is due to the products the company saying that these are the most influential in this new good news for Apple.
We have already seen on some occasions that the signing of Cupertino soon, if it follows this step, will be the first American company to reach a trillion dollar value , which would put it very close to the GDP of Spain , which is at $ 1.12 trillion, being thus the first company to have the same value as a whole country , although they are closer to Mexico, whose country despite its large size only have 1 trillion dollars in GDP.
All this has come from an interview with Apple CEO, he has announced that the apple as such is working to change the world through human rights , focusing on education, privacy and other values ​​of the environment, all thanks to its products.
Tim Cook surrounded by dollars
When Cook was asked why he had to pay for this rush, he immediately replied that the biggest influence for this uphill climb was his products and that Apple is like a big family , nobody has more merit than anyone else. For this and many other things, the apple will become the most valuable company in the United States within a short time.

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