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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Apple is fixing the Outlook issue on iOS 11

We all know that since yesterday we could have in our terminal, as long as it was compatible with the operating system in question, iOS 11. There has been much talk about this software and iOS version, especially considering that Apple has never been delayed as much as ten beta phases before officially launching as they did less than 24 hours ago. It seems that iOS 11 is giving some errors with email, more specifically with Outlook , but there are some more involved.

Do not panic

New version of Outlook for Mac
It is clear that being several platforms and being able to send emails from iOS 10 and earlier, the problem is iOS 11 . Leaving out of service a part of the iPhone or iPad operating system such as e-mail is something that nobody likes, especially for those who need it out of necessity or just for work.
Apple has said that for those users of iOS 11 who can not send anything from the application itself that try to enter in other ways from the same device, a clear example of this would be to enter through Safari and see if it gives result , some it works and others do not.
Obviously, after all the reports that the Cupertino company has received since the first minute of these incidents, the apple has already set out and are at these moments focused on this particular problem so we will have to have something back so important as is email in the next few hours or maybe by the time you're reading this you'll be back online.
Filter emails on iPhone and iPad with iOS10
We all knew that iOS 11 was going to face the community as a step forward compared to its previous version, iOS 10, which left the bar high being the most loved and most used system by iPhone and iPad users worldwide , we expect that the situation regarding this software will improve as the days pass.

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