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Friday, September 15, 2017

Apple is looking for a psychologist to improve Siri

Apple is looking at options to improve Siri drastically. The virtual assistant in question has given a lot to talk about lately, this is because people use smart software in a way that we can catalog as erroneous by asking them things as if the iOS application that makes life easier is our psychologist staff, so the apple is looking for a real psychologist to improve this facet of Siri.

What studies are needed?

Increased productivity when using iPhone and iPad
We can say that the apple is looking for a quite particular profile, are hunting for a software engineer who also has a degree in psychology , curious, right? The function that this worker would have within the company is to improve Siri's answers to specific questions, but we all know that with how well paid Apple workers are, it will not take long to find this résumé as odd as it may be.
The company of Cupertino has been characterized throughout its history by giving its public everything they ask for and it seems that this is not an option . It's true that the particular individual looking for Apple is someone very specific, but you also have to know that he will not work in the Apple Park, but in the offices of Santa Clara.
We have already seen it in numerous applications and other types of software with artificial intelligence, learn from you, but how do you teach a program psychology skills? That same question is the one that has responded Apple itself. It will be interesting of course to have your personal psychologist on your iPhone, iPad or Mac computer.

Siri is worth everything, every time has more tools that makes available to us , a clear example is that we can both read and send messages from WhatsApp for us , every time evolves faster and faster.

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