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Monday, September 4, 2017

Apple is offering free repairs to the victims of Hurricane Harvey

It is clear that climate change is one of the major players in natural disasters, but this time it has gone a bit further with the incident that has devastated much of the city of Louisiana, Texas. The famous Hurricane Harvey that took place a little more than a week ago has left immense destruction in its wake , it is by things like these that Tim Cook does not get too well with the current resident of the White House who rejected the Paris agreement against emissions of gases into the atmosphere.

Apple solidarity

Hurricane Sandy Storm
This time, and it is not the first time this happens , our dear company of Cupertino has taken its side of solidarity once more. According to some people in the area affected by the hurricane, Apple is giving free repair service for those whose iPhone or product of this signature have gotten wet and therefore some parts of it do not work.
Some claim that this is true and others that only if you meet a series of requirements for the apple bite will do you the favor totally free. However, it is clear that people who say that this is a reality are greater than those who deny it, although it is nothing official or Apple has given any public notice, but more rare things have been seen.
Tim Cook
It is not the only way that Apple has had to give moral and economic support to the needy at the moment, they have also donated 2 million dollars to "relieve efforts" and if they have not opened a section of donations in iTunes giving people a way to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey who has overcome Katrina's own losses.

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